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Do the panels require any maintenance?
Our solar panels have no moving parts, therefore they are maintenance free. In addition to providing the best 25-year production warranty in the industry, we provide every customer with a 12-year workmanship warranty to fix any issues that may arise. Thanks to our monitoring software, you can rest assured that your system will always work as we have guaranteed.
How much does a system cost? What is the payback period?
Solar arrays reduce or eliminate your utility bill, so your array will start to pay itself off from day one. Studies show that solar panels can save two to four times their cost in reduced bills. With the most competitive financing available, most Alta Sol customers can invest in solar without any upfront costs. In reality, they’re technically isn’t a payback period. If you can afford your utility bill, you can afford going solar.
What about weather? Will it work in cloudy/rain/snow?
While solar panels can still work in cloudy or poor weather conditions, their efficiency does drop significantly. However, on these days you can still receive free lower by applying credits through the net metering program.
What if I am planning to move in the future?
Industry experts have shown that a solar array adds to your homes value, especially if you can show how the panels have reduced your utility bills.
If technology is improving, should I wait to invest in solar panels?
The technology involved in solar is improving and the cost is dropping, however, the rate at which this change is happening is less than the rate at which utility rates are rising in price. What that means for homeowners is its much wiser to invest now in solar. For more information on this study, please visit  Click Here
What if I don't like the look of solar?
Solar technology has dramatically improved recently. Today’s panels are no longer the unappealing “sore thumbs” they used to be. Solar arrays Alta Sol uses have black frames with black backing that compliments the look of your home. Many of the
customers feel that their solar panels enhance the aesthetics of their home.

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